The Buycott intention analyzed from sexual orientation and religion: The O Boticario´s Brazilian case

Breno de Paula Andrade Cruz, Steven Dutt Ross


This paper analyzes the results of the O Boticário’s advertising involving gay couples in Brazil.  On Virtual Social Media (VSNs), while conservative consumers, religious leaders and protestant politicians were trying to boycott, the LGBTTT community has shown their Buycott Intention. A non-probalistic sample with 336 consumers was used in this study and the Kruskal-Wallis’s and Chi-Square Test have approved our three hypothesis: (H1) - the politicians influence their followers on VSNs in relation to Boycott Intention -  consumers  influenced by Marcos Feliciano and Jair Bolsonaro have had more Boycott Intention than those who were connected to  Jean Wllys’ ideas;  (H2) - sexual orientation and (H3) - Religion are associated to Buycott Intention in the O Boticário’s case. Specifically, analyzing Religion in this sample, Catholics, Agnostic and Atheist have the same Buycott Intention when they are compared to Protestants (who have lower Buycott Intention). These results suggest the Buycott Intention within LGBTTT  consumers might be an answer about O Boticário’s brand reposting.

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